New Cambodian Fireworks Factory

Mystical Distributing Company ltd. with co-operation with the Cambodian Government have built a state of the art Fireworks factory and it's near completion. Containers of fireworks will start rolling out next month to Canada.

This massive factory sits on 100 hectares of land in a beautiful setting next to the mountains. The temperature is perfect for manufacturing 365 days a year. The factory brings jobs and prosperity to this region.

It has been an exciting adventure and the Canadian Fireworks market will never be the same again. This is the first time a Canadian Company has a factory dedicated to their own production and brand. 

Fun statistics:

  • 100 hectare mango orchard
  • 200 buildings
  • 1000 containers output at full capacity

Stay tuned over the next months to learn about The Cambodian Fireworks Company Ltd.!