Staff Favourites

Over the last few weeks we've been highlighting some of our staff favourites over on our Facebook page. We thought we would summarize them up here and include some additional favourites for your viewing pleasure! These come HIGHLY recommended by our staff, and will not disappoint.

Light the Night

Value! Value! Value! That's all we can say about this one. At just $23.25 you will be constantly wowed with this amazing 25 second long cake. Buy it today!


One of the cheapest "Stage 4" Cakes we have, Diabolical knocks it out of the park. Fantastic! This one fills the sky! 

Fish Frenzy

If you love the fish effect, check this one out! Such a great choice to add to any display. Plus, it's one of our quieter cakes, making it great for your kid friendly show. 

Double Trouble

You think twins are fun? Wait till you see this twin of a firework! With mirrored effects, it lives up to it's name, that's for sure. Check it out below!

Super Menace

A giant compared its cousins, Mini Menace and Menace, this one is sure to wow any crowd! No show is complete without this trio, and especially our favourite Super Menace! 

Glittering Brocades

Wait, this is a consumer firework? Say what?!?! That's right, it is! Anyone over 18 in Canada can buy this gem! Don't miss out. 

Vicious Circle

With 90 shots, this awesome Cake has the most shots out of all of these! It even has (almost) all the colours of the rainbow! It is sure to please all looking for a loud, exciting firework! 


The newest of these favourites is Aftermath, but it is equally loved! It joined our Competition Line in 2018 and is asked for often. 20 seconds long and 40 meters high. Don't let this one slip you by!


Wow! This one is a favourite all around. You can't go wrong with adding this to your finale. At just $58, this is one of the best "bang for your buck" cakes that we've got!

Act of Valour

At 20 seconds long, this amazing Pro Pyro Fanned Cake makes a great pairing with 007 for an absolute.stunning grand finale. Do not miss out on this one! 

Did you know that you can get all 10 of the above for just $539 + taxes?

Now that's awesome!