Top 3 Finale Cakes!

Create those WOW's with these POW's! Introducing the top 3 finale cakes.

007 by Vulcan Fireworks
A "Fan" favourite! 36 shots to use as a finale since it's 22 seconds long. It's fanned with simultaneous golden brocades finishing with crackling stars. Awwwwesome! Get it here

Menace by Mystical Fireworks
This is the 25 shot cake classic asked for by name! The crowd favourite for over 10 years! It is rapid fire with loud crackling chrysanthemums! Watch for it's smaller 9 shot sibling, the Mini Menace and the bigger 36 shot Super Menace. Fans buy 2 at a time to please their audience! Buy it here

Glittering Brocades by Mystical Pro Pyro Series
Coming from the top selling brand in Canada, the Mystical Pro Pyro Series offers professional style cakes at the consumer level. We don't need to say anything more than to be sure Glittering Brocades is in your finale! Buy it now